3 customisable features on print ID cards

Most Australians have some form of printed ID card. For example, McCrindle research notes that in New South Wales, a whopping 54 per cent of teenagers get their drivers license within a year of becoming eligible. Obtaining this ID, or perhaps your Medicare card or first credit card, are almost rites of passage for people in the Lucky Country.

This means that anyone in these industries needs to have an efficient delivery system for personalised ID card printing. But did you know about the customisable options available when you secure a printer? It can be very useful when you need to produce a high volume of unique cards.

Change the logo

The customisation that comes with an ID card printer means that you can adopt a different logo for mass production when necessary. This is particularly handy when your business undergoes a rebrand, allowing you to make adjustments to an existing template and churn out hundreds of new ID cards for your company with minimal fuss.

Easily adjustable text

Perfect for personalised ID card printing for a large staff base, text sizes can also be adjusted. This is ideal when you want to advertise a brand on ID cards, or when specific information is going to be displayed on each and every item you produce.

Imaginative images

Beyond the personalised photos used on ID cards, your business may wish to incorporate more vibrant imagery. Further to a logo, this could be a picture of your campus or office building, or perhaps a signifier of your state of origin.

Whatever type of branding and information you need conveyed on your print ID cards, there is a multitude of solutions available. Find the right ID card printer that will help you enhance your branding and output.