3 great examples of personalised ID card printing

The security benefits of ID card printing are numerous, but often companies overlook the simple practicality that said technology can provide. A clearly defined photo ID card is a simple, personalised solution to issues companies may have with information transfer, security and efficiency.

Here are three examples that show the practicality offered by personalised ID card printing.

Photo cards

The photo card is a very useful item for anyone that does not have a drivers’ license, passport or other form of identification, especially for entry to licensed premises. They’re valid for five years for people under 21 in NSW, and 10 years for people above this age in this state. In Western Australia, they are only valid for five years. Checking with your state authority lets you know how long you can have one.

Medicare card

This is an important staple for many Australians. The Medicare card imparts specific monetary benefits in the form of discounts, access to public healthcare, and filling a prescription for items available under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Anyone in Australia can access one of these apart from those on Norfolk Island. It’s another piece of personalised ID card printing that you see in everyday life.

Keypass identity card

This one isn’t as popular as the previous two, but can still play an important role in the lives of many Australians. It is another form of ID that people use, issued by Australia Post. If you live in Melbourne, it can even be issued on the same day you apply for it – such is the efficiency of the ID card printer!

Personalised cards come in many forms, but they are all highly functional across the board. Any company that issues these cards should consider using their own ID card printing system to boost productivity.