Can smart cards benefit the healthcare industry?

The use of smart ID cards doesn’t just give ease of access, it can also provide an excellent level of security. This is important for a number of industries where privacy is paramount, which includes the Australian healthcare sector.

Personal data including medical history, financial information, addresses and phone numbers can all be logged when engaging the healthcare system. Safety should be a priority for healthcare professionals when it comes to this information.

Personalised ID card printing is one way to improve efficiency and privacy in the healthcare sector.

What kind of privacy breaches occur in the healthcare sector?

The Department of Human Services notes that when it comes to the healthcare sector, privacy measures protect against a number of fraud cases. This comes in the form of data matching and analysis of records, but security could also be reinforced with smart ID cards.

For example, the Smart Card Alliance notes that in the USA, chipped cards have been used to conduct the following:

  • Patient authentication
  • Access to healthcare facilities
  • Matching data from a variety of sources
  • Ensuring patients are paired with the correct medical data

A simple identification system in the healthcare industry could see people efficiently matched to the right records, and improve the speed with which patients are processed.

They can perform multiple roles

The 2008 Department of Finance’s National Smartcard Framework outlined many more ways that smart cards can be put into use for the healthcare industry. This include identifiers for professionals, as well as particular cards for veterans, social services workers and other unique classes of citizens.

Through the use of an ID Card printer, this streamlining of the healthcare sector can be made simple. A printer allows agencies to quickly produce identification material for new patients while also having a clear system that signifies where people should be. It could establish an excellent level of privacy for your medical outfit.