PPC Card Printer User Stories

PPC believe that it’s peace of mind for our customers to know we are already helping people in your industry or someone with a very similar card application.

Our user stories demonstrate how PPC have been able to provide ID Card Printers and accessories at a high level of satisfaction over a wide range of industries.

Below are a list of common uses for PPC ID Card Machines, for more information click the links for a downloadable brochure.

Club Membership Cards

PPC is at the forefront in assisting many of Australia’s most prominent Clubs, Associations and Trade Unions with efficient and cost effective instant issuance Membership Card Systems.

One of our largest club users, Mounties, have over 115,000 members at 3 venues. In many cases our systems have replaced previously outsourced services which often cost more and which usually had inherent delays which caused frustration with both members and the member body alike.

PPC has an in-depth appreciation for membership issuance needs and would be only too pleased to provide an appraisal of how we can help your organisation.

PPC Survey of Club Customers is a great insight into the benefits PPC can provide in the Club Industry.

The main Benefit achieved through the PPC Photo ID card is that it gives us much better control over our database of members. – Ed Gibson, Hervey Bay Boat Club

Being able to quickly create a photo ID card with PPC’s photo ID card printer enables us to create an ID card that personalises the experience for our patrons. – Sean Bunz, Caloundra RSL

Club Membership ID Card User Stories

Hervey Bay Boat Club
Stonewall Hotel
Pacific Harbour


Brisbane Port Authority MSIC Centre

Brisbane Port Authority MSIC Centre

MSIC & ASIC Card Issuance

Using the latest in card production technology the PPC RTP family of printers with inline lamination units enable fast secure card issuance even in busy service centres. If you need MSIC or ASIC cards and don’t think you could justify a system of your own we are also happy to provide a referral to an authorised bureau provider to produce cards for you.

MSIC and ASIC Card Issuance User Stories


Education & Student ID Applications

Hospital ID Cards

The back of the card acts as a reminder of important emergency codes

Hospitals are busy places and its almost impossible to track the comings and goings of staff, patients and contractors. ID cards form an essential part of a Hospitals security procedures and can conveniently hold important workplace health and safety information like emergency colour codes, as shown on the Tennant Creek hospital ID card.

In many hospitals ID cards are printed onto expensive Access Control cards and wastage is a significant issue. With PPC’s retransfer printers, wastage is minimised and running costs can be kept under control. Alternative systems of printing to adhesive backed cards are also fully supported by our systems.


Health Industry User Stories

Tennant Creek Hospital


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