Could in-house card printing boost your business’ productivity?

Local government departments, educational facilities and the like could all benefit from the use of printed ID cards. A recent Deloitte Access Economics survey of businesses that used smart cards for payments noted that cards and digital accounts processes used for payments reduced administration by 68 per cent – a principle that could apply to your ID and security systems if you bring them in-house.

Reduce process times

When your business requires keys printed en masse, it can be time consuming and result in lost productivity to contract another company to get it done. However, with the use of an ID card printer, a computer may be all you need to efficiently produce a series of cards that can act as your security system.

It also gives your business the freedom to produce ID and security cards whenever they are required, rather than going through the time-consuming process of outsourcing this task.

Minimise replacement costs

When cards or keys are lost or stolen, it can be a hassle to secure a replacement. However, the procurement of a personalised ID card printer can also be a valuable solution here. By having one in-office as well as the appropriate computer systems, lost cards can be blocked and new ones printed with minimal difficulty.

This allows staff to spend less time chasing up lost cards and more time on the tasks at hand.

Simple software

When you decide to bring an ID card printer in-house, it’s important that designated employees can use the system with ease. Through the use of production software like CardEze, it is merely a series of clicks to create and print cards for your business.

As the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Wage Price Index shows, the costs of managing a business aren’t getting any lower. Boosting productivity is key, and the efficient management of your security with an in-house ID card printer could be just the solution.