The days of the magnetic strip only card option are numbered. Card technology is going through a revolution and industries that once relied on this as their standard are now raising the bar on the range of card products they offer customers and clients.

In the US, investment and retail bank J P Morgan Chase is to replace all magnetic strip debit cards for its customers with cards with embedded chip technology. This type of card makes it more difficult for thieves to steal information or use stolen credit cards for fraud.

With an embedded chip, it is much more difficult to take information off a card using third-party swiping technology. The embedded chips on debit and credit cards are common in other countries, particularly in Europe.

Greater use of these types of cards is likely to continue with more organisations able to use embedded-chip card technology for financial transactions and identity security.

The benefits of chip technology are already known in many industries, not just banking. ID card printers are now capable of  encoding all types of chip cards used for workplaces and universities to dramatically improve the level of security.

As more business, government agencies and higher education institutes get access to chip-reading technology, they will also be able to convert many of their old cards to take advantage of the improved features offered by embedded chips.

If you are an organisation interested in updating your ID cards to improve their security features and functionality, contact the team at PPC Plastic Card Solutions. We have the knowledge and the experience to advise you on the most appropriate option for your organisation. The ID card printers we sell are able to create cards with magnetic strips or embedded chips that provide the added security you are looking for to protect your business.

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