Higher education needs to get ready for greater enrolment

Australian universities are set for a boom in international student enrolments which means they need to be ready to handle a greater number of students on campuses.

According the Productivity Commission In 2014, there were over 450,000 international students in Australia, representing around 20 per cent of higher education students and 5 per cent of students enrolled in vocational education and training.

The commission also estimates the average annual growth rate in the number of international students was 4.6 per cent at universities, 2.9 per cent in vocational training and a massive 11.8 per cent in courses that teach English as a second language.

The total value of international students learning at Australian institutes has jumped from around $4 billion in 1999 to over $16 billion in 2014, according to the Productivity Commission.

Maintaining Australia’s reputation as an attractive education provider also means responding to students’ expectations for their learning experience.

Universities and education institutes will need to invest more in new buildings and student accommodation, but also in better administration processes. This will include ID cards for students and the technology to facilitate these greater numbers.

Student IDs have advanced a great deal in recent years and can now be used for access to computer labs, issuing library books, tracking attendance and using student dining facilities.

Institutions of higher learning are able to print their own ID cards in-house with a specialised printing devices, without the need to hire printing companies to do this work. These can be enabled to produce cards with security and identification features to improve the enrolment process for students and administration alike.

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