How can ID cards help with hospital security?

There are many different applications for personalised ID card printing, but perhaps one of the most  important is its use in hospitals. With hundreds of staff members working within the same building, it’s essential that people are given access to the areas and equipment they need – and that unauthorised personnel are kept out.

After all, the equipment stored within the nation’s hospitals is extremely valuable and if it falls into the wrong hands, has the potential to be unsafe. This is why giving people ID cards can ensure that only trained staff members can access certain areas of the facility to obtain the equipment they need.

It’s not just equipment that needs to be closely guarded, either. Hospital records and other confidential documents are often stored on site and should only be accessible to those who are authorised to do so.

Like any organisation, hospitals have duties under data protection legislation to make sure patient details are kept secure. Any lapses in security could prove extremely hazardous for the hospital, its reputation and its patients.

ID card printing technology is relatively inexpensive and could be just what your hospital needs to improve security and keep everyone’s mind at ease. PPC has provided systems to hospitals up and down the country, as well as offered after-sales support whenever it has been required.

You can instantly print your ID cards and provide them to staff, eliminating the need to use an external provider. This means you can keep track of who has been allocated plastic cards and where they are authorised to enter.

For more information about our range of ID card printers, be sure to get in touch. We’re able to offer guidance on the different systems available and help you choose a product that’s most suited to the needs of your hospital