PPC ID Series Direct-to-Card Printers

Price Category: $ 1,000 to $ 7,000.

The PPC ID Series of Plastic Card Printers are a range of Direct-to-Card (DTC) printers that meet both pricing and performance standards. DTC printers use a printing process, where the print head sublimates/transfers the ribbon directly onto the card, using heat and pressure. This process is low cost, and relatively fast to produce cards.  PPC’s ID series of card printers are designed to meet tight budgets without sacrificing reliablity.


Ideal for entry level use, this single card fed unit has a small footprint for convenient placement in front office environments, and is best suited for monochrome pre-printed card personalisation, though will handle full colour as needed. Optional upgrades include smart card encoder and magnetic encoding modules.


The PPC ID2350e is a mid cycle upgrade of the proven and reliable ID2300, bringing in demand features such as; Built in Ethernet and an enhanced 3 Year RTB Warranty. The ID2350e Card Printer offers flexibility with the choice of batch or hand-fed printing. It comes as a single-sided unit, but has unique drop-in upgrades
PPC ID3300 DTC Card Printer


The ID 3350e is a fast, reliable, performance based card printer that produces high-quality full-colour cards at up to 200 cards per hour! The ID 3350e also boasts an upgradeable unique security features, which include built in or customised Holokote watermark. No other printer can provide this personalised security feature without additional hardware. The ID 3350e comes Ethernet or USB as standard and upgrade options include, duplex, smart card, extended input hopper, and custom Holokote.


The PPC ID 4300 is a high performance, robust card printer for large volume card issuance, without sacrificing card quality. Issuing more than 300 Full colour ID cards per hour the ID 4300 is fast, its printing speed is ideal if you have to produce a large number of cards over a short period. Perfect

A Card Printer for Every Industry

PPC provides “Instant Card Issuance” systems to many of Australia’s prominent Corporations, Secondary & Tertiary Education Facilities. Other industries, including; Health & Aged Care, Licensed Clubs, Government, Mining & Construction, and Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) form a core part of our customer base. PPC's ability to meet such a diverse range of needs demonstrates our speciality in the ID Card Printer market. In a fast-moving world, it’s more important than ever to choose a card issuance solution provider that can support your needs as a business. It has always been our philosophy to combine the best equipment and software. Our dedicated and focused team of technical and sales service staff ensures your peace of mind in your card printer solutions decisions.

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