ID Card Printing Machine

It is easy to think the ID card machine is just another typical desktop printer, but it is not.

A plastic card machine is a specialist card printer that is designed using advanced thermal transfer and dye sublimation techniques to print colour-rich, durable, and quality images and text to plastic cards. That is why you should choose a reliable and trustworthy card printing machine services so that you find a customised solution to all your industrial printing needs.

PPC, as the leading ID card machine specialists in Australia, sells over 1000 card printers every year, and our highly-skilled team has the experience in helping you through the process. We have been in the card machine industry for more than 20 years now and so have many of our staff members, which means our knowledge, experience, and understanding of our products are outstanding.

PPC’s tailored range of card printing machines meet a long list of card issuance needs, including Direct-to-Card (DTC) and Re-Transfer (RTP) card printing machines.

PPC is proud to be the first Australian company to promote their exclusive brand of ID printer machine. Our reputation is paramount, and by branding our products, we are committing to provide honest, prompt, expert advice and support throughout the entire life of the card machine.

Our Card Printer Categories

PPC ID Series
ID Card Machines

Australia's Most Popular Card machine Australia's first OEM brand and the countries most popular The PPC ID Series of ID printer machines are manufactured for PPC in the UK and is selected as one of the best for Australian conditions.

PPC RTP Series
Retransfer Card Printers

Near Offset Print Quality, and Unmatched Reliability. When quality matters, PPC RTP card printers stand up. The PPC ID Series of Reverse Transfer Printing technology (Retransfer) card printers.

Zebra Technologies
Plastic Card Printers

Globally Recognised Brand, International Support Zebra was one of the first brands of card printer in Australia
As Zebra Technologies largest and first card printer distributor in Australia.