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CardEze is Australia’s leading Desktop Card Production software with more than 100,000 copies installed nationally and around the world.

CardEze’s is comprised with a powerful back end, matched to an intuitive, slick operator interface that allows cards from a range of templates to be produced in just a few clicks.

CardEze ID Card Software is one of the most advanced and configurable “off the shelf” desktop card issuance systems available. CardEze supports basic configurations or complex set-ups and has the capability of smart card encoding. CardEze’s signature feature is its simplicity which enables the operator to get under-way quickly and easily with their card printing.

If you’re serious about card production you have to try CardEze ID Card Software. PPC is Australia’s only Official Partner, and the world’s first CardEze Certified Solution Provider (CCSP).

With various editions available CardEze can scale to meet your needs from basic photo id production, to advanced smart card and database interactions. And with PPC’s unique upgrade policy, you can move between editions at any time, for just the difference in price between them. That’s 100% trade back value even after several years of use.

What’s so important about a CCSP?

A CardEze Certified Solutions Provider (CCSP) has undergone extensive testing and training with the developers of CardExchange- ExchangeIt- and provides a high commitment level and ability to support CardEze.

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What’s so important about a CCSP?

A Card Printer for Every Industry

PPC provides “Instant Card Issuance” systems to many of Australia’s prominent Corporations, Secondary & Tertiary Education Facilities. Other industries, including; Health & Aged Care, Licensed Clubs, Government, Mining & Construction, and Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) form a core part of our customer base. PPC's ability to meet such a diverse range of needs demonstrates our speciality in the ID Card Printer market. In a fast-moving world, it’s more important than ever to choose a card issuance solution provider that can support your needs as a business. It has always been our philosophy to combine the best equipment and software. Our dedicated and focused team of technical and sales service staff ensures your peace of mind in your card printer solutions decisions.

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