Information security awareness isn’t sufficient

The issue of information security may be at the forefront of business owners’ minds, but it’s no longer enough to simply be aware of the challenges. The inaugural Australian Shred-it 2015 Security Tracker found that unless companies take action, their premises and operations will remain vulnerable to attack.

Report findings showed that 97 per cent of large businesses are somewhat aware of their legal obligations when it comes to dealing with information. This figure falls to 83 per cent of the nation’s small businesses.

Almost three-quarters (73 per cent) of large companies train staff on their organisation’s security policies at least once a year. These firms might benefit from the use of ID cards and other ways of ensuring that only licensed employees are allowed on site. This need is even greater for small businesses, as only 28 per cent invest in annual training for their staff.

However, as the study authors pointed out, firms still have a long way to go before they act on this awareness. This was echoed by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner back in May, as it found that many online corporate privacy policies fall short of the mark.

Of the 20 Australian and international policies assessed, 55 per cent did not meet the basic content requirements. As a result, members of the public using the websites would not be able to access the information they need to find out how their personal data is being used.

“The key to a good privacy policy is to make the information easy to read and accessible, and we certainly saw some great examples of creative ways in which this type of information can be presented,” acknowledged Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim.

It’s evident the demand for improved security is there, but the challenge is now finding ways for businesses to address it. The International Data Corporation (IDC) found that for the first time, chief information officers across the country consider security as their main concern.

High-profile security breaches have been one of the major motivators behind this trend, leading bosses to come up with new and innovative ways to keep threats at bay.

If your business is interested in giving its security a boost, take a closer look at PPC’s range of card printing technology. Providing ID and membership cards to staff and visitors is just one way that businesses can better protect their physical assets.