Contactless Encoder Drivers

There are several contactless smart card controllers used by our equipment all of which require different drivers. Following you can find drivers to suit your particular controller and operating system.

Omnikey 5×21 Controllers

Used in:  PPC ID 3100/3300 | Magicard Rio Pro | XID/RTP9300 | XID/RTP8300

SCM / Identive SDI011

Used in:  XID/RTP8300 SCM controllers have changed their name in late 2012 and are now identified as “Identive” by windows.

Windows 7 32/64 with RTP & XID Printers

The 32/64Bit Driver with Ethernet support used for the XID and RTP 8300/9300 printers requires a patch to be run in order for the smart card movement commands to work. The standard 32bit driver (recognised by the name DIGID at the front of the printer name) does not need this patch.

Digion24 Controller

Some older XID and Zebra printers that don’t use Zebras factory fitted controller use the Digion24 Mifare Encoder. This encoder is a serial device and does not need a driver, but needs to be supported specifically by the software using it (Like CardExchange or CardFive) However, newer versions of this controller support USB via an internal USB to Serial converter, and its this converter that might need a driver to be supported by the operating system so it sees the controller as a serial device. The drivers for these serial to USB converter can be found at 

Windows 7 SmartCard Plug and Play

Windows 7 will automatically try and load a driver for a smart card when it is presented to the smart card controller, unfortunately this is not required for contactless smart cards and the cards are in front of the controller for such a brief period, the attempt by windows to load a driver can be annoying when printing a batch of cards (ding dong…dong ding etc.) In some circumstances it can also cause problems with the encoding or reading process as the controller is “busy” trying to load a driver for the card. The plug-and-play functionality can be switched of via group policies, following the instruction below.

  1. On the client computer, click Start, type gpedit.msc in the Search programs and files box and then press ENTER.
  2. In the console tree under Computer Configuration, click Administrative Templates.
  3. In the details pane, double-click Windows Components, and then double-click Smart Card.
  4. Right-click Turn on Smart Card Plug and Play service, and then click Edit.
  5. Click Disabled, and then click OK.
  6. Restart the computer.

CardExchange and Contactless Encoders

An important note in case you are using CardExchange. CardExchange uses “timings” when doing batch encoding. So while you may test and confirm everything is working fine with a single print within CardExchange, you may find issues when printing batches with encoding or serial number reading. These timings vary from printer to printer and in the case of colour vs monochrome and single sided vs dual sided cards. Please check with our support team to get these settings right. As usual should you have any issues with your encoding systems, please email mailto:[email protected]?subject=Contactless%20Encoder%20Drivers

July 28, 2015 by Jason Hicks

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