Fotoshot Image Capture Application Support

Resource for the Canon Fotoshot Server including installation files and instructional media

Fotoshot is a legacy image capture product for Canon Digital Still Camera’s previously sold by PPC.
The manufacturers have stopped upgrading the software and support for newer camera’s and current operating systems is limited.  Alternatively we now have alternate Camera options for CardEze and CardExchange including built in support for some Canon Camera’s. For more information see our ID Card Software page

Fotoshot Installation Files Compatible O/S
FOTOSHOT Standard (PPC) v1.3 Windows : XP | Vista | 7
NOTE: Windows 7 32 bit only 
FOTOSHOT Standard (PPC) v1.2.5.0 Windows : XP
Compatible Cameras Windows XP : PowerShot A6x, A7x, A3x, A5x, IXUS II, IXUS 4x 
Compatible Cameras Windows 7 32 bit : EOS1000D

Installation instructions, support and configuration can be provided by our support team.  [email protected]

Manual Download
Fotoshot User Manual User Manual v
How To: Start Video
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