Mobile ID Card Printing Solution

We receive a lot of interest in a mobile ID card printing solution, and until now there have been very few options available.  Typically portability is one of the first items on the wish list for most Registered Training Organisations and is an occasional request for other industries.

To resolve this need PPC’s innovative product team are currently developing a wireless tablet and printer solution that has passed the initial trials and is getting ready to be packaged for market.

Now you can take your tablet around the room, capture photos and print wirelessly to your card printer.  All that’s required is a single power point, neither an Internet connection nor local network is needed, as all communication happens between the tablet and the printer.

The solution is based around the use of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet, due to its Windows compatibility allowing the use of Windows printer drivers and off the shelf card production software like CardEze or CardExchange.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a great machine for this application, it’s fast reliable and has a great robust design, though the application could work just as well with the MS Surface Pro 2 or other Windows 8.1 tablets.

A few custom modifications have been made to the Card Production user interface to make it more “finger” friendly and in just 4 taps you have captured a photo and are printing a card.

The wireless connectivity is a proprietary solution based around the PPC ID 3300 card printer but could be adapted to work within standard network environments.

For those with a networking and IT backgrounds, setup is pretty straight forward, though we are happy to assist with a few tips on the issues we encountered. Otherwise PPC can provide a fully configured and working mobile ID card production package to suit most needs.

For more information contact PPC’s project team via email: [email protected] or call 1300 651 277 and ask for Jason or Todd.