PPC ID Card Printer Solutions – User Stories

Buying a card printer is an experience unlike purchasing paper-based printers. They are not consumer commodity type products and ideally need a good analysis of the customers need, and a great support team to ensure they are installed correctly, operators are trained properly and service is available as required.

Due to PPC’s keen focus on the ID card printer market, we have many satisfied customers some of whom have provided us user stories as follows;

Master School Portraits – User Story

Master School Portraits (MSP) is a national Australian franchise, and collectively takes photographs
of approximately 1.3 million students per year, equating to one-third of all pupils in Australia.

Master School Portraits – User Story

Red Radiology – Video User Story

At RED it takes up to five different people to complete one study.
We know that delivering a high-performance team is critical to you having a positive experience. Our team members have years of training, discipline and commitment. We have spent years fine-tuning our ability to bring the right people together who value being part of the “RED Family”.

Student Campus ID Card Solution Video

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