PPC – 10 Years with ExchangeIT

PPC are the Oceanic Distributor for CardEze and have partnered with ExchangeIT since 2004 to develop and market the world’s most advanced off the shelf desktop card issuance software.

In 2010 PPC became ExchangeIT’s first international CardEze Premium Partner (CEPP) through an investment in training, knowledge and commitment to assisting the development of CardEze into the future.

The commitment by PPC to the CEPP Program ensures our customers experience the highest level of support available. Our sales and service teams are certified in the use and configuration of CardEze and can ensure that the most efficient setup to meet most card production requirements. Like any product in today’s global market CardEze may be available from other organisations, but without the backing of the CEPP Program and staff certification you will not receive the support most organisation will require over the life of the product.

PPC chose ExchangeIT and CardEze from a wide range of product on the market due to its significant capabilities “out of the box”, the world’s easiest to use interface, and the fact that ExchangeIT are a responsive and dynamic organisation striving for ongoing improvement of the product day by day.

Today too many software developers lose sight of either ease of use of features and configuration capability of their products. Due to the separation of Configuration and operator interfaces in CardEze ExchangeIT has kept the best of both world’s. CardEze is truly and end user focused product designed for ease of card production for use in ID card applications, licensing, membership, certification and many other card needs.