The PPC Brand

30 years of experience in the printing industry has taught us a lot about the needs of our customers. During this time we have had both good and bad experiences with the major card printer manufacturers, and this has borne many frustrations with product development cycles, bug resolution and design implementations.  Not one single manufacturer could get it right on a regular basis, and being locked into a particular brand or cycle meant we were not delivering the best range of products available.  From this frustration the PPC range of plastic card printers were born.

By controlling the brand of the printer, we have shifted the power from the manufacturer to the you the consumer.  No longer can the manufacturers continue to fall short of the mark in their performance, they need to deliver features, and reliability second to none.

Therefore with PPC’s position as the undisputed largest desktop card printer specialist in Australia and our investment in OEM branding, you have access the best technology for your need rather than the best fit of any one manufacturer.