PPC – The Facts About Us

Tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Australia and from time to time, we receive feedback from our customers and prospects that competitors make direct comments about our business and products that are simply untrue.

We would like to set the story straight and enlighten you to the tactics some competitors have taken to sell you a printer at any cost, including their integrity. We firmly believe companies should focus on providing you compelling reasons to become a lifelong customer. We are not interested in slandering others.

6 facts about PPC:

  1. PPC is the largest card printer specialist in Australia (Card Printer Units).
  2. PPC brand card printers outsell all other brands in Australia.
  3. PPC have been selling servicing and supporting ID card printers since the 1990’s.
  4. PPC has the largest team of card printer service and support personnel, bar none.
  5. PPC offer 100% money back guarantee on its PPC ID series card printers.
  6. PPC have awards for selling more card printers than any other in Asia Pacific.

What others have reportedly said about us:

And why its wrong or misleading.

“PPC brand  printers lock you in to PPC brand consumables.”

The reality is that every brand of card printer has unique supplies and most of them use regional codes for Australia locking you into the single source of consumables. PPC printers are no different, however what they are trying to infer is that you will pay too much for your ribbons from PPC.  This is a misleading claim, PPC always guarantee to provide competitive prices on their ribbons and supplies. If we weren’t competitive we wouldn’t be the largest in Australia.

“Printers supplied by PPC won’t work with Xyz application.”

If we say it will work, and are given the opportunity to ensure it is set up correctly, we guarantee it. If we can’t make it work we will take it back.  We know the same cannot be said of all of our opposition.  We have traded in printers during their warranty period that were sold by competitors because they wouldn’t work as claimed. 

What we ask of you:

We only ask to be judged on our performance.

  • How quickly did we respond to your enquiry?
  • How professional was our response?
  • Did we listen and make a considered and “guaranteed” recommendation?
  • Does our service and support offering meet or exceed others you are considering?

If you enjoyed the experience in dealing with us before our sale, we will continue to treat you in the same way after the sale.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little more about PPC.  We hope this information makes you feel more comfortable and the job of choosing your partner in card printing services a little easier.