Why do I need an online card verification system?

Having top quality printed cards is just the start, as many of our customers also find value in adopting an online card verification system.

Your ID card printer will print the information that you want to be included on your cards. While this might be relevant at the time of printing, it’s possible that several months or even years down the line, it might become outdated.

A card expiry date is one means of making sure that users keep their printed ID cards up to date, but how do you make changes before that date rolls around?

This is where an online card verification system comes into play. It will give you an interactive way of managing your ID cards and keeping in control of any changes to user data that may arise.

For example, a card holder changes their name, a certification is revoked or that their job title has been altered. Thanks to an online card verification system, this can be identified. All you need to do is log the updated information and it will be accessible to anyone who can scan the card.

At PPC, we have partnered with QR2id. This is a QR code-based online card verification program that enables you to access cardholder information using a wide range of devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Many of our clients have used the system to track down fraudulent ID cards. As a result, they have been able to prevent students from taking each other’s exams and other criminal activities. The online system can include photographs of the card holder, so it’s easy to check whether the person in possession of the ID card is who they say they are.

No company can afford to be lax when it comes to security, which is why we offer leading edge solutions to everyone buying ID card printing technology.