Why is customer support important when buying a card printer?

Although selecting the right card printing technology is no doubt important, it’s just as essential to choose the right provider. Some companies will simply sell you the product, then leave you to your own devices as soon as it has been delivered.

This is why you should always pick a company that offers good customer service. Let’s face it, even the best card printer in the world has the potential to encounter problems now and again, so knowing help is never too far away can offer real peace of mind.

PPC has its own card printer service and support division, so you can be safe in the knowledge that assistance is always at hand. In fact, we have the largest team of ID card printer and software support experts in the country!

We work with all the big name brands, so the chances are we’ll be able to resolve your query straight away. From Zebra to Magicard, Smart to Edisecure, just speak to our team and we’ll do whatever we can to assist.

If your problem is relatively straightforward, we offer a quick support enquiry facility on our website. PPC strives to respond to all questions within two to four business hours, so you won’t be waiting too long to get your card printer back up and running.

All our customers also have access to our online support knowledge​ base. Here you will find lots of handy information related to all our card printing systems, so you might not even need to submit a support enquiry.

These are all factors that you will need to include in your search for ID and membership card printers. Although price and quality will play an important part in your decision, it’s also crucial to look for added value from your supplier.