FAQ: Which ID printers offer the best security features?

There’s a good chance you want to purchase an ID card printer to enforce stronger security parameters in your organisation.

However, not every machine can produce the type of badges you’re looking for. Some only create ID cards with magnetic stripes, which means you won’t benefit from the greater data protection features associated with chip cards.

So, which ID printers enable you to develop employee ID badges with robust defensive characteristics?

PPC ID 3300 ID Card Printer 

With a three-year warranty, the PPC ID 3300 card printer enables companies to access a range of features such as double-sided printing, contactless technology and custom HoloKote and Holopatch security images.

For one thing, this machine enables you to produce smart cards, offering a range of encoding options, including combi, Mifare, Desfire, IClass and Legic. The HoloKote and Holopatch features are really what makes this printer stand out. You may choose from an array of pre-designed watermarks or incorporate your own business logo.

All of these capabilities make the PPC IC 3300 a smart choice for those who wish to produce ID badges with comprehensive security settings.

Zebra ZXP 3 Card Printer

Probably one of the easiest machines to familiarise yourself with, the Zebra ZXP 3 card printer offers an economic solution. Capable of printing plastic cards that can withstand the elements of any environment, the Zebra ZXP 3 enables you to create ID badges with the following security features:

  • Smart card and magnetic stripe encoding
  • High-performance ribbons for pristine images
  • Dual-side direct-to-card printing
  • Enclosure locks for those printing cards holding financial data

As this machine is incredibly easy to use, it’s often a good choice for those new to ID card printing.

Keep in mind that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ ID card printer. To find out which machine fits your needs, contact the team at PPC.