How to turn your business into a flexible working environment

Flexible working hours are all the rage at the moment. The popularity of this approach comes down to its ability to empower employees.

Employers like yourself are reaping the benefits of flexible employment and it is as easy as purchasing an ID card printer.

What is flexible employment?

Most people think flexi-work conditions involves either completing assignments from home or coming into the office late and leaving late, or vice-versa. But flexible working encompasses more than these options

At its core, flexible employment is about utilising technology to improve productivity.

With this in mind, flexi-employment conditions could consist of working at a customer’s location or conducting interviews over the phone during the daily commute. Basically, it equates to working from where you need to be, at the best time.

How can I bring this approach to my work place?

One easy way of transforming your business into a flexible working environment involves buying an ID card printer and producing personalised ID cards that can allow your workers to access their shared office space before or after traditional working hours.

A 2013 survey, jointly conducted by Vodafone UK and YouGov, found that British businesses could save up to £34 billion a year by freeing up desk space and other associated costs.

In conjunction with hot desks and mobile office spaces, ID cards could be used to reduce costs and improve productivity. Obviously, planning ahead is necessary, such as booking work spaces when needed.

Utilising ID badges with either radio-frequency identification (RFID) or smart card technology has the added effect of increasing security. By issuing individualised cards, you can better manage risks and decrease the chances of an information breach.

Flexible working conditions allow employees to take responsibility for their own time. It can also lead to a better work/life balance.

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