Will mobile phones replace plastic cards?

Is technology ready for the phone to take over Credit Card and Transport ticketing functions? And does it mean the end of plastic cards ?

With the latest announcement from G&D on its MIFARE Classic and MIFARE4Mobile Certification for its SIM platform SkySIM CX Hercules the possibility draws nearer, but is the possibility of embarrassment holding us back?

Imagine you go to pay at the restaurant or go to get on the bus, and your phone battery goes flat (you know too much candy crush can do that to the best of us) and there you are, left standing, embarrassed at the prospect of being unable to pay.

Something feels safer in having a card that doesn’t use batteries to make your transaction.  Can cards fail? Of course, but it’s not our fault for not charging them and we can deflect the responsibility.

I have personally downloaded an app on my phone to store all of my store loyalty cards, shaving my wallet depth down by about 50%. This was great until the first time I wanted to scan my supermarket loyalty card at the checkout, and found the scanner cannot read the barcode on the phone.  Looks like my wife will be questioning why I didn’t activate the $20 cash back this week…

While I think many people are ready to make the leap, you will find the back-up card in the wallet ready to take over if the technology fails.  Plastic cards are here for a while yet, and will continue to provide peace of mind for reliable functionality.

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