PPC ID Series Direct-to-Card Printers

Price Category: $ 1,000 to $ 7,000
The PPC ID Series of Plastic Card Printers are a range of Direct-to-Card (DTC) printers that meet both pricing and performance standards. DTC printers use a printing process, where the print head sublimates/transfers the ribbon directly onto the card, using heat and pressure. This process is low cost, and relatively fast to produce cards.  PPC’s ID series of card printers are designed to meet tight budgets without sacrificing reliablity.

ID Card Printer Series Models

PPC ID3000 Card Printer

The PPC ID3000 is a mid cycle upgrade of the proven and reliable ID2350e, bringing in demand features such as; Built in Ethernet and an enhanced 3 Year RTB Warranty. The ID3000 Card Printer offers improved print performance, and increased hopper capacity.

PPC ID4000 Card Printer

The ID 4000 is a fast, reliable, performance-based card printer that produces high-quality full-colour cards at 190 cards per hour!
Also boasting 600dpi printing (Monochrome) and advanced built in security features, the ID4000 is a professional card printer choice.

PPC ID4300 Card Printer

The PPC ID 4300 is a high performance, robust card printer for large volume card issuance, without sacrificing card quality. Issuing more than 300 Full-colour ID cards per hour the ID4300 is fast, its printing speed is ideal if you have to produce a large number of cards quickly.

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