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Zebra Card Printers in Australia

As Australia’s only “Advanced Card Printer Specialists” and largest re-seller of Zebra Card Printers Australia, PPC we provide a wide range of Zebra card printing products, support and solutions. We have sold thousands of Zebra card printers in our time and have been described by Zebra Technologies executives as the “University of Card Printers”. This praise is due to our unique, extensive and specialised knowledge of card printers, and both basic and advanced applications.

PPC provides competitive prices and leading support options across the range of Zebra card printers in Australia. Our support staff have been factory-trained on Zebra Id Card Printers Australia, and due to our experience, we have conducted direct training in on behalf of Zebra to its International Partners.

Zebra Advanced Card Printer Specialist Australia
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Zebra ZC300 Card Printer

The Zebra ZC300 represents the latest in ID card printer design, with a small footprint, front input can output, with high-speed, high-quality card production. The ZC300 is the current replacement for the Zebra ZXP Series 3 Card Printer.

The ZC300 superseded Zebra ZXP 3, P100, P110i, P110m, and P120i. In some lower volume, front desk applications it may also replaced the Zebra P330i and P430.
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Zebra ZXP 7 Card Printer

Using the latest in card-printing technology of the Zebra printers in Australia, the ZXP Series 7 (ZXP7) provides high-quality card printing. The ZXP 7 printer has an innovative design. It automatically adjusts to the thickness of the card, and ribbon loading is easy.

The ZXP 7 replaces the Zebra P330i , P430i and 500 and 600 series in higher volume performance-based applications.
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Zebra ZXP 7 Pro

Based on the Zebra ZXP 7 the ZXP7 Pro features an extended output hopper, to make those large jobs more efficient. Fewer operator interventions is the key to productivity, and the ZXP 7 Pro provided large volume printer the ability to leave the printer unattended longer.

The ZXP 7 Pro is the favorite printer for bureaus across USA and Europe.
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Zebra ZXP 8 Retransfer

Building on the innovation in the ZXP Series 8 the Zebra ZXP Series 9(Also known as the ZXP 9) Replaces the ZXP Series 8 (ZXP 8) prints more cards faster with outstanding image quality. The Zebra Card Printer Australia model ZXP 9 enables you to print edge-to-edge, photo-quality cards at industry-leading speeds.

The ZXP 9 replaces the Zebra ZXP 8 Retransfer printer.
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Zebra ZC10L Oversized

The Zebra ZC10L is the only large-format, direct-to-card printer that can produce full, edge-to-edge oversized colour cards in one printing process. The advanced Zebra model ZC10L is so flexible that you could make card design changes right up to the time of the event.
The ZC10L is perfect for events and anywhere you want to issue oversized cards on the spot.
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Superseded Models

Zebra has a long history with Card Printers in Australia. Some of the most popular card printer models in the last 20 years are Zebra Card Printer models, which include; the P310, P420, P330i, P430i, P100, P110i, P120i P210, ZXP 3, and ZXP Series 3.
Many of these printers have reached End of Life, but where possible PPC can provide repair and support services.

Zebra Card Printer In Australia

At its peak, the flagship printerprinter for Zebra was the P310i and P330i, and PPC, as Zebra Technologies Exclusive Card Printer Distributor, became the go-to organisation for Zebra card printer sales, service and support in Australia. Our technicians continue to perform warranty service for both our own customers and Zebra directly.

If you are ready to buy a Zebra card printer in Australia and want the best price, service and support package, you can’t go wrong by contacting PPC. Please have a look at our customer reviews and take the time to let us help you find the right model for your needs

"PPC are the university of Card Printers in Australia" - When you need information or technical support for your card printing needs, PPC should be your first stop for all of your card issuance requirements.

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