Choosing an ID Card Printer

Choosing the right ID Card Printer for your need’s might sound simple, but can often be a difficult task.  Even experienced card printer users only purchase a new card printer every 4-5 years and with developing technology it’s hard to know what printer is best or you.

More importantly choosing an ID Card Printer is as much about the company behind it as the printer itself. Sometimes its even more important. Don’t miss the important points, let us assist you in making the right decision first time. Our advice comes free, with no obligation to purchase our products.

Your Card Printer Assistants

That’s where PPC can assist. PPC offers FREE professional advice to help you find the right card printer for your needs from our trained and experienced sales team, who will analyse your requirements and provide a full proposal. We stand behind our recommendations so you can experience peace of mind when making your final decision. A few of the essential things you should ask when choosing a new card printer are:

  • Once you start issuing cards, how critical do they become to your process/business?
  • How many cards do you estimate you will print per year?
  • Is there a peak issuance period. (eg. 80% of cards are issues between Feb/Mar)?
  • How long do your cards need to last?
  • How secure do the cards need to be (i.e. what are the risks of fraudulent copies are created)?
  • If needed, how are you capturing photos for the cards?
  • Where is the source data for card issuance?
  • How many operators need to be trained to run the system? (i.e. additional operators requires more straightforward processes)
  • Are any encoding features required (smart card/mag stripe)
  • Will the card technology need upgrading in the next 2-3 years (e.g. plain cards to smart cards)

The list of questions go on, but this list will essentially get you going in the right direction. Choosing a card printer is as much about choosing the right sales and support partner as choosing the right printer.

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