Why should my business invest in a membership card printer?

Having an on-site membership card printer can bring widespread benefits to many different businesses. Whether you’re a health club or gaming venue, there’s no limit to the advantages of having easy-to-access card printing technology. When you receive new members, it’s important that they are given the necessary identification as soon as possible. Not only does this … Read more

Market for in-house printing technology increasing

New technology means the products businesses need for their everyday operations no longer have to be purchased from manufacturers. Now it is possible to make many of these items in-house by owning specialised printing machines. Sculpteo, a French 3D printing design company, has conducted extensive research into the rise of what they call “additive manufacturing”, where … Read more

What do hospitals need from their ID cards?

Security is a serious issue in a place like a hospital where many people are at their most vulnerable. People running a health care facility are required to provide their staff of nurses, doctors and admin staff with a secure work environment. This means supplying them with ID cards to make them easily identifiable and … Read more

How can schools benefit from new ID card technology?

Many schools are starting to learn about innovations in ID card printing that can make a number of improvements to the way they support their students. In recent years, ID card system technology has improved greatly and is no longer only affordable at larger institutions like hospitals and universities. In-house ID card printing machines are helping … Read more

Mobile ID Card Printing Solution

We receive a lot of interest in a mobile ID card printing solution, and until now there have been very few options available.  Typically portability is one of the first items on the wish list for most Registered Training Organisations and is an occasional request for other industries. To resolve this need PPC’s innovative product … Read more