Is America embracing chip card technology?

Demand for plastic cards with embedded chip technology is apparently growing in the US, as more banks recognise its value for their customers. This has been spurred by the millions of dollars that banks are forced to repay their clients as a result of fraud every year, leading them to take whatever steps necessary to … Read more

Time to meet the needs of the information citizen

Consumer needs are changing all the time, and the challenge for many businesses is knowing how to keep pace. This is certainly the case when it comes to technology, especially as a growing number of people expect the companies they deal with to be up to date with the latest systems and products. This trend … Read more

What do hospitals need from their ID cards?

Security is a serious issue in a place like a hospital where many people are at their most vulnerable. People running a health care facility are required to provide their staff of nurses, doctors and admin staff with a secure work environment. This means supplying them with ID cards to make them easily identifiable and … Read more