How can students benefit from personalised ID card printing?

There are many different applications for personalised ID card printing, but one that we often some across here at PPC is providing students with identification. Universities, schools and colleges up and down the country have invested in card printers for a whole host of reasons. One of the most impressive features of this type of … Read more

Why do I need an online card verification system?

Having top quality printed cards is just the start, as many of our customers also find value in adopting an online card verification system. Your ID card printer will print the information that you want to be included on your cards. While this might be relevant at the time of printing, it’s possible that several … Read more

How can ID cards help with hospital security?

There are many different applications for personalised ID card printing, but perhaps one of the most  important is its use in hospitals. With hundreds of staff members working within the same building, it’s essential that people are given access to the areas and equipment they need – and that unauthorised personnel are kept out. After all, … Read more

Concern for big data is on the rise

The rise of the digital domain has led to several changes for Australian businesses, and not least the need to adopt data analysis techniques. Recent research from the International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that more companies are showing an interest in this side of their operations, primarily because it has such an impact on their … Read more

Higher education needs to get ready for greater enrolment

Australian universities are set for a boom in international student enrolments which means they need to be ready to handle a greater number of students on campuses. According the Productivity Commission In 2014, there were over 450,000 international students in Australia, representing around 20 per cent of higher education students and 5 per cent of students enrolled in … Read more