CardEze Cloud Suite Card Management System

The CardEze Cloud Suite (CardEze CS) is a comprehensive Card Management System (CMS) with Advanced integration capabilities to deliver a high level of connectivity to other applications increasing efficiencies in many areas associated with the use of Identification Cards. Because CardEze CS is also capable of managing digital credentials, it can deliver future-proofed outcomes and facilitate migration to digital Identification credentials like phone-based NFC.


  • Self Service Photo
  • Physical / Digital Credential
  • Remote Card Issuance
  • Centalised Data Management
  • Unlimited Operators
  • REST API Integration

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Innovative and Effective Card Issuance Solutions for Hospitals, Aged Care, NDIS and Allied Health providers across Australia.

Unlike other CMS developments that try and be all things to all people, CardEze CS is the glue that can bind other best of breed solutions together. It allows you to choose applications that specialise in an area without losing the horizontal integration that’s so appealing to system administrators.

One of the most noteworthy features of CardEze Cloud, is the self-service portal module. The Portal module allows record-holders to capture their own photos, via mobile or kiosks in addition to self-management of lost or stolen cards. The potential efficiency gains during onboarding processes of people taking their own photos are high and could provide many downstream benefits and reduce the need for front desk staff during peak periods.

CardEze CS brings some excellent features to a traditional Identification card issuance application that make it a significant next step for universities and corporations in the way they manage their cards.

CardEze Cloud Suite is hosted on MS Azure Servers locally in Australia and is Powered by CardExchange Cloud.

CardEze CS Features

  • Full Card Life-cycle Management
  • Business Rules to Manage Card issuance
  • Cloud-based Accessibility
  • Local Australian Data Centre (MS Azure)
  • Software as a Service (SAAS)
  • Live source data connectivity
  • Local or Remote Image Capture
  • Centralised or Distributed Printing / Issuance
  • Secure Environment and Data Hosting (MS Azure)
  • Cardholder Self Service (Phone or Kiosk)
  • Third-Party System Integration (REST API)
  • Legacy System Integration (e.g. CSV)
  • Management of Digital Credentials (Inc. phone-based applications)
  • Reporting and Audit trails
Secondary Education

A straight forward move to the cloud, CardEze cloud suite provides secondary schools with high-performance connections directly to database sources, with high security and access from multiple locations.

Utilising the workflow features of CardEze Cloud, schools can automatically activate cards for copier cost control and other applications.

At the time of production, CardEze cloud supports programming of NFC®, MIFARE®, DESFire® and iClass®

Tertiary Education

CardEze Cloud Suite provides a wide range of benefits to Tertiary Institutions. From card, issuance to kiosk or mobile Self Serve Student ID capture and card management.

Workflow management and integration with third-party systems like access control, copier cost control, and other essential systems can provide significant time-saving benefits and increase the overall security of the system.

CardEze Cloud allows unlimited operators and can rationalise card and credential issuance across multiple office or campus locations.

Corporate Applications

From consolidating remote card production configurations to securing and controlling data that may have been distributed across multiple sites, CardEze Cloud Suite provides significant benefits to corporates small and large.

With user groups and authority to perform different functions and advanced audit tracking, increased control can be applied to card and credential issuance systems across the organisation.

Other benefits include improved tracking of expensive Access cards, and the ability to disable unused cards instantly.

So whats next?

A Card Management System can mean different things to different organisations. You need to give us a call, and we can discuss your environment and determine if a CMS is right for you. Call us on 1300 651 277 or email [email protected].