RTP Series Retransfer Card Printers

Price Category: $ 4,000 to $ 10,000.

The PPC RTP range of ReTransfer card printers uses the reverse image transfer process to laminate an oversized image onto the card. The resulting card is colour rich, with no blemishes or white edges around the card.

The RTP printers have tightly controlled temperature settings, which allow the printing of fragile card stock like smart-card and prox cards. The RTP is a perfect solution for smart card printing due to its low wastage, as smart cards often have dips and bumps which will cause blemishes on direct-to-card printing technology.


Professional Quality, Over the Edge Printing

High Duty Cycle, the Worlds most Proven Retransfer Engine

The little brother of the RTP 9500 the 8500 is a popular model for schools and businesses producing expensive card (eg, MIFARE®, HID® Prox). The print quality is superior to direct-to-card which when combined with low wastage due to misprinted cards ideal for these applications. In addition, PPC has integrated the RTP 8500 with many School Photocopier Cost Control systems.

The RTP 8500 is also a big player in the card production bureaus, where high-quality printing reflects well on an organisation.


Versatile (Name Badges), Smart Card Encoding

Flexible to provide cost benefits even with small card volumes

The PPC RTP 9600 is versatile printing on both CR 80 cards and name badges (1.3mm). Along with traditional over the edge printing features of re-transfer printers, the RTP 9600 exhibits industry-leading 24Bit continuous tone and unique 600dpi printing capability. The RTP 9600 is also one of the fastest printers in its class, making the RTP 9600 a great allrounder.


Very Secure, Very Durable Identity Cards

Issue High Security, Durable Identity Cards in seconds, on the spot

Protect you id cards with visual, or covers security features, and additional durability.

Suitable for applying overlaminate Patches, or Film, in Security or Plain versions the RTP ILM units are an ideal partner when added durability, or security or both are required in an ID card application.


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