Hospitals & Health ID Cards

Hospitals & Health ID Card Printer Solutions

Hospitals are busy places and it’s almost impossible to track the comings and goings of staff, patients, and contractors. ID cards form an essential part of a hospitals security procedures and can conveniently hold important workplace health and safety information like emergency colour codes.

In many health care facilities ID cards are printed onto expensive Access Control cards and wastage is a significant issue. With PPC’s retransfer printers, poor print quality is minimised and running costs can be kept under control. 

Application List

  • Staff Identification Cards
  • Staff Name Badges
  • Patient ID Cards
  • Emergency Information
  • Facility / Access Control
  • Canteen / Kiosk / Vending

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Innovative and Effective Card Issuance Solutions for Hospitals, Aged Care, NDIS and Allied Health providers.

Other uses for ID Card Printers in these environments are Name Badge Cards (Not all printers can do this, ask us for some specialised advice), Patient Care Cards, containing health directives, dietary needs, and the like.

Our team can also assist with access control encoding, and other smart card integration requirements.  Just call us or make an enquiry below for some more information.

Don’t forget our full range of card holders, customised lanyards, and ID reels with your hospital name/logo presenting a professional image to your patients, staff and public. The health care industry is one where trust is paramount, and you need to be professional in all your presentation.

Versatile Card Solutions

With the versatility of some of our card printer models, justification for purchase of your next ID card issuance solution just became simple.  With the addition of name badge production, your staff can be issued with professional name badges instantly.  This sets the standard for the professional performance you want from your team.