Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards

PPC can assist in maintaining the valuable branding opportunity of the card, by personalising the customer experience with a high-quality card, customised with customer information, such as name, or even a photo to ensure your brand is right at hand when they reach for the card. Also, the personalisation of the card can increase the security of the rewards program.

Research shows that people are more likely to keep a card in their wallet if it has a name, photo id or some other form of personalisation.

Have you ever heard of the photo Gift Card?

The opportunity to put a photo of the grand-kids on a gift card for Granddad is a great way to use personalisation to attract someone to your gift card or loyalty card program.

Talk to our team at PPC, and we might be able to provide you with the missing information you have been looking for to improve your customer loyalty, customer rewards, or gift card program.

PPC specialises in basic and advanced student ID card printers and solutions. We provide a range of solutions and functionality, from; basic id card production through to advanced interactions between cards and back end systems. Typical systems include card printer, card production software and occasionally specialised cards and solutions. Our team of experienced specialists will analyse your needs and include considerations for production volumes, card durability, software integration and card security.

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