Smart ID Card

Just imagine: one ID card for everything—and that is the key point. Smart cards can serve as the foundation for a wide range of applications, providing opportunities to streamline security and administrative tasks across the entire campus.

In today’s changing times of security, and efficiency the standard plastic ID card is disappearing, and being replaced by smart ID cards. Smart Cards are plastic cards that contain a microprocessor and memory chips that can store data and process basic commands to enable strong encryption, and quick, positive identification. 

This has caused problems in smart ID card issuance. Smart ID Cards have traditionally been encoded and registered into customers IT systems manually, one card at a time.  

PPC have solutions to automate the encoding and registration of smart cards, including MIFARE, and 125Khz Proximity cards at the time of printing, to save you both the time and costs of double handling.

PPC specialise in the integration of advanced smart card technologies like MIFARE® Classic® and MIFARE DESFire® and are a MIFARE Registered Partner.

“MIFARE is a registered trademark of NXP B.V. and is used under license.”

Smart ID Solutions

Let our Innovative team work out a fully integrated smart card solution to meet your needs. We will send you the Zebra White Paper on Smart ID Cards for Education.

Benefits of Smart ID Cards

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Convenience
  • Better Security
  • Better Integration
  • Improved Staff & Student Satisfaction