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If you need to purchase or upgrade your ID card printers, or solution for any application, you’re at the right place. PPC are Australia’s leading card printer specialist with ID printer models for all of your needs.

Our team of specialist sales service and support staff work with clients from a diverse range of industries and ID card production needs, including; Student ID's, Staff ID's, Membership Badges, Induction & Certification Credentials, Name badge production, Operator Danger Tags, and Licenses.

More people work with PPC than any other card printer reseller, and PPC’s own brand ID series and RTP series ID card printers are the most popular in the country.

No 1 in Australia | For ID CARD PRINTERS

We do our best work over the phone or in person, make an online enquiry or call for a chat and we will ensure you are looking at the right product for your need and budget. Our sales team will match the best printer with ID software and card accessories, and consumables needs.

  • Our experience shows that one card printer model does not fit all.
  • Our advice reduces your risk of choosing the wrong ID solution.
  • Our reputation means you can trust us now and in the future.

PPC are 100% Australian owned and operated. We employ more than 25 staff and our customer service team is the largest in the industry. This guarantees you will receive superior support, every time.