Evolis Badgy

Evolis Badgy 100 & 200 Card Printers

The Evolis Badgy (Badgey) is a small footprint, low volume card printer sold from $1200 and under, typically at Office and Stationary Specialists, and Online re-marketers.  Unfortunately, despite the Badgy being marketed by Evolis as a consumer item, card printers typically always need some level of support, and that’s where the great price point turns into a problem.  Unlike inkjet printers, card printers are not disposable, and they do from time to time require both service and support, and the channel through which these printers are sold cannot provide the support required.

It’s all good to think “I only need to print a few cards”, until the time you need to print a few cards and something goes wrong, who can you call? Already some of the ribbons for the earlier Badgy models are not available from the places customers bought their printers. What do you do then?

If you have a badgy and need support our support team might be able to assist with your Evolis card printer, head over to our card printer support page.


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Many people are attracted to the Evolis Badgy due to its price, but importantly there are many card production jobs the Badgy is not suitable for. Is yours one of them? If you are ready to purchase a card printer, and an Evolis Badgy is on your list, please take a moment to talk to one of our trained consultants who has spent many years understanding the card printing industry. Our FREE no-obligation advice and optional free demonstration will help provide peace of mind when choosing the right card printer for your job.


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