SRS1000 | Secure Ribbon Shredder

The SRS1000 Secure Ribbon Shredder is a long-awaited product that meets the modern offices need for Data Privacy Compliance.

Data Security and Compliance is a term often linked with online or computer-based activity, but when you print digital information and documents, they become a physical problem.

Plastic card Printing, they leave an impression on the ribbon/film that contains all information printed onto the card. It is that information which can become vulnerable to exposure.

While documents printed on paper and expired or old plastic cards are suitable for disposal in a conventional commercial shredder, your used ribbons are not. Used ribbons are also unsuitable for recycling, and if left in the garbage, they become insecure.


  • Secure Personal Data
  • Comply with Privacy Laws
  • Improve Privacy Compliance

Secure Your Data

Find out more about the SRS 1000 Ribbon Shard Shredder and how it will solve your used ribbon privacy concerns.

PPC can resolve your data security concerns with the SRS1000, our Secure Ribbon Shredder, designed to destroy any printed information on your used printer ribbons and films. Through the utilisation of twisted Micro-Cut Technology, the SRS1000 uses unique twist and cut motions to shred used films into tiny, unrecognisable particles.

Currently, we have no way to dispose of these used ribbons which contain (personal) information. The garbage is not secure, the secure bins cannot process the plastic material and in the past we have tried using a paper shredder which was not a good result…

Watch the Ribbon Shredder in Action