Centralised Card Issuance Bureau

Central card issuance systems are a significant investment but often pay for themselves within 12-18 months. However, it’s important to protect your investment with the right partner. PPC has a track record of supplying, installing and maintaining the full range of Matica’s Central Issuance machines.

PPC is Matica’s Premium Central issuance partner in Australia with manufacturer trained engineers experienced in supporting Matica equipment for more than 10 years with some machines producing millions of cards over their lifetimes.

Application List

  • Central Issuance & Fulfilment
  • Transit Cards & Passes
  • Drivers Licenses
  • Gift Card Programs
  • Voter ID / National ID Cards
  • Financial Cards

Explore the Opportunity

Matica’s Centralised card issuance systems provide a fast, controlled method of issuing cards with a low running cost and high level of automation.

Matica S7000

When high-speed issuance is required, reliability and flexibility are the keys to success. Matica’s central issuance products meet and exceed these requirements, being able to print/encode over 2,000 cards per hour and emboss up to 1000 cards per hour. These systems are completely modular and can be upgraded in the field by adding the module that is needed and can be linked to our mailing system to provide a complete turnkey solution. With a wide choice of modular stations, you can build your own custom solution to meet the most demanding card personalisation needs.

The system includes all necessary features and options to deal with the most complex card personalisation requirements.

Mailing System

Mailing systems are available as modules for the S7000 or as a stand-alone MS1000, both with similar features, including;

  • Card Reading/Scanning
  • Carrier attachment
  • Folding and envelope insertion

The MS1000 card mailing system is a simple and affordable solution for stand-alone direct card mailing and fulfilment applications.

It’s a preconfigured mailing system for dedicated card issuance programs including reading station, a card on carrier application, and folding and envelope insertion.

Matica S6200

Matica’s new S6200 line is designed to meet specific needs of mid-volume issuers. It offers a selection of pre-configured floor standing card personalization systems for graphic printing, embossing and encoding options. Each configuration can operate in full autonomy or can upgrade into a platform of up to 5 modules. It combines consistent, reliable though output together with high production quality and secure data integrity.

The S6200 line features MaticardPro, Matica’s Windows-based card layout editor with card management and production capabilities, all in a single integrated package that is at the same time very sophisticated in its functions and easy to use for production staff. This scalable solution can be linked with an inline card mailing system for a complete card-to-envelope solution.

Based on Matica’s well-known proprietary S7000 line, the S6200 series offers an entry-level solution into central cards issuance at a low-cost ratio, while it is flexible to upgrade anytime for more demanding high-volume card issuance programs.

The Matica 7000 in Action