Did you know MIFARE cards were first used in 1994 by Phillips Electronics? Now a dominating world standard in Transport Fare collection cards and increasingly a more extensive range of security, access control, applications. MIFARE Cards can be found in almost every wallet in major cities across the world.

PPC has been a registered MIFARE partner for more than 10 years working widely with MIFARE Cards and solutions in the Education, Government and Corporate sectors.

Over this time we have developed unique software solutions in conjunction with CardExchange (Formerly ExchangeIT Our International Software Partner) to deliver an off the shelf flexible, yet powerful Card Production Software incorporating many features, including support for MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE DESFire®, 125Khz Prox Card, Powerful Python Scripting, LDAP integration and other database connectivity.

PPC is committed to working with MIFARE products and has consulted directly with NXP regarding the strategic product roadmap, so we understand what that might mean for the future of your applications and MIFARE implementations.


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The Future of MIFARE Cards

The future of MIFARE is with DESFire® and while we don’t envisage the Mifare Classic® and Mifare Ultralight® cards disappearing from the marketplace, over time DESFire cards will take their place.

DESFire cards offer a significantly increased level of security and do not rely on a secret key that once broken exposes all other cards to hacking as the Classic cards do.

DESFire cards are not backwards compatible with Mifare Classic applications stored on the card sectors but will work with many Unique ID (UID) based applications that read only the cards number.

For new implementations, even if you are not going to use the memory portion of the card we recommend that you seriously consider starting with a DESFire card to help futureproof your application. New versions of the DESFire card and market changes will see the gap in cost difference between the two cards reduce significantly over time.

If you already have a solution and are only interested in cards PPC provides a range of Genuine NXP MIFARE cards that meet a high standard for quality and reliability.  Make an enquiry today and ask about our DBOND MIFARE cards


Did you know that the DESFire EV3 standard improves read range for contactless applications? Find out more on the DESFire EV3 Brochure.


“MIFARE is a registered trademark of NXP B.V. and is used under license.”

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PPC provides Genuine NXP® MIFARE chips in our cards. Clone, counterfeit, and imitation MIFARE cards typically have a reduced service life, are subject to high failure rates and may be illegal. The cost of re-issuing, and re-printing quantities of cards, if they are to fail within a few months, can be a very expensive exercise. If you are concerned PPC can help test your cards and ensure you are enjoying the benefits of legitimate MIFARE card stock.   Non genuine MIFARE cards may be referred to as 13.56MHz RFID or NFC Cards but may also use the trademarked term MIFARE illegally.