PPC RTP 9600 Re-transfer Card Printer

PPC RTP9600 Logo

The PPC RTP9600 is versatile printing on both CR 80 cards and name badges (1.3mm). Along with traditional over the edge printing features of re-transfer printers, the RTP9600 exhibits industry leading 24Bit continuous tone and unique 600dpi printing capability.

The RTP9600 is also one of the fastest printers in it’s class, making it ideal for bureaus and large volume, premium quality card issuance.

  • Australia’s #1 Selling Brand
  • 24Bit Colour
  • Dual Sided Printing
  • Built in Ethernet
  • 100,000 Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Optional: Contacltess Encoding
  • Optional: Laminator