Student ID Card Printers

Student ID Card Printers for Schools & Universities

PPC specialise in basic and advanced student ID card printers and solutions. We provide a range of solutions and functionality, from; basic id card production through to sophisticated interactions between cards and back-end systems. Typical systems include a card printer, card production software and occasionally specialised cards and solutions. Our team of experienced specialists will analyse your needs and include considerations for production volumes, card durability, software integration and card security to find the right ID Card Printer for your application.

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Innovative and Effective Student Card Issuance Solutions for Universities, Colleges, High Schools and TAFE's across Australia

With more than 500 hundred education institutions on board, we have experience with most, if not all student management systems in use in Australia today. That makes integrating our ID card printers a routine exercise and on more than one occasion we have had to salvage failed integrations by our competitors.  It’s one thing to sell a card printer, but getting the highest productivity gains available, and automating systems where possible, is a large part of a good installation.


Student Systems Integration

Our experienced team will match printer functions with software features to provide simple card production through to advanced smart card and database integrated systems. We stand by our recommendations and have significant knowledge in integrating our solutions with a wide range of student database, copier cost control, and related education systems.

One of our essential integration elements is CardEze, our Card Production software, which is the cornerstone of success in these environments. PPC’s unique CardEze Software turns a simple four click interface into an advanced data and smart card processing system in the back end.

Systems used by our customers to integrate include; TASS, OneSchool, Gallagher, Sentral, Roll Call, Busminder, Flexischools, Munch Monitor, Oliver, accessit Library, Papercut, Uniflow, edumate, Daymap, equitrac, IDAttend, Cases 21, Synergetic, My Student Account and many more.

Satisfied customers are a testimony to our success and we freely share our customer reviews to help provide peace of mind of our integrity and focus. Read Our Reviews Here

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MIFARE® Student Card Printer Solutions

PPC has a number of MIFARE, Prox, RFID and SMART card solutions for that integrate with Student ID systems.  From basic serial number recording against ACTIVE directory, complete integration with a photocopier cost recovery solution, or even replacement of legacy barcoding applications with contactless readers, PPC can assist you in automating and seamless migration to a modern ID card issuance solution.

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