Oversized Event Badge Card Printers

Traditionally organisations have outsourced the production of large-format ID cards. However, with an increasing number of options available, now is a great time to see how much you can save, while improving your service levels by issuing cards on the spot.

Oversized Event Cards and Badges are becoming essential items for the safe and secure operation of stadiums, major sporting events and VIP functions. Used to identify visitors, catering & service staff, security personnel, media representatives and VIP’s, the larger card makes identifying the person’s designation simple, even across a large room.

Many events are hosted in large areas like stadiums and conference halls. In locations like these, the ability to identify people and their security designation or VIP status is critical. 

From a security point of view, being able to tell if someone is in the wrong place, or requires an escort can be critical to safety. Organisers will also want to know VIP’s are quickly identified and provided the right treatment and not prevented from accessing the VIP facilities.

Event Badges also present a great way to promote your brand. Oversized Credentials usually feature the promoter/organisers brand prominently at the top of the card. This brand is the first thing seen during media conferences and official photographs. The value of this type of promotion and recognition can be significant.

Oversized Badges can be pre-printed, may come with smart card and proximity chips, covert security features like UV printing, and a range of hole punches for different lanyard configurations.

Oversized & Event Badges

Specialty Printers are required to print oversized and Event badges. Talk to our team and find out which one will suit you!

PPC ID3350e Extended

  • Colour up to 110 x 54mm
  • Mono up to 140 x 54mm
  • ISO CR79 83.9mm x 51mm
  • ISO CR80 85.6mm x 54mm
  • Built in Ethernet

Swiftcolor SCC4000D

  • 3.5” x 5.5” full-colour card
  • 2 Seconds per Card
  • 1200dpi Printing
  • Inkjet Based Printing

Zebra ZC10L Oversized

  • Colour up to 110 x 54mm
  • Mono up to 140 x 54mm
  • ISO CR79
  • ISO CR80
  • Built in Ethernet


  • Colour print 85cph
  • Mono print 125cph
  • Retransfer Printing
  • Built in Ethernet