125khz Prox Cards

PPC 125Khz Prox Access Cards

125Khz Proximity (Prox) cards are one of the most widely used access control technologies, and not long ago the only place you could get your Prox cards was from your security provider, and they knew it and charged accordingly.

Who do you trust with printing and encoding your security cards? Does your provider send cards to China for programming?

PPC, Australia’s most trusted card printer specialist can produce your cards, in-house, with a turnaround of under 24 hours.

With a full range of cards available, which includes many Genuine 125Khz Prox models, PPC can provide you significant savings on your cards without compromising your security.

Quality Prox & RFID Cards

PPC can provide a full range of Prox Cards and Fobs, including Genuine Brands.

Prox Card Reordering Information

Card Range: 41001 – 41100

Card Format: H10301

Facility Code: 101

Our in-house programming facility can customise high-quality cards ready for use as is or to be printed in your own card printer typically at a much better rate than your existing supplier.


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