Online Card Verification

ID Cards are ideal for identification. They are low cost, compact in size and the information printed can be relied upon to be correct at the time of print. However there are times when that printed data could be out of date prior to a card expiring. 

That’s where online verification can be an important piece to your identification framework.

Applications where online card verification are important

  • Induction Confirmation
  • Licensing Verification
  • Student Card Validation
  • Equipment Tagging
  • Attendance Recording


Case Study:

Online ID Verification has foiled impostors sitting exams for students at an Australian university. By supervisors carrying out spot checks on cards, fake cards whose photos did not match the online card record were identified and the sophisticated attempted fraud was stopped in its tracks.

PPC can provide both on card and online security features to assist you in delivering a secure ID or certification card system.